How to Make Training Chopsticks without a Rubber Band

If you’re dining at an Asian restaurant with your Asian friends and find yourself struggling with chopsticks, what should you do? Don’t worry, you can quickly make training chopsticks to experience Asian cuisine.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make training chopsticks without rubber bands. Yes, no additional materials are needed—just regular chopsticks and a paper napkin. Just like in the situation described above, quickly create your makeshift chopsticks.


Using chopsticks can be a fun and beneficial experience. With a little practice, you’ll be able to pick up sushi rolls and noodles just like an Asian person. So, let’s begin this DIY training chopsticks project, say goodbye to rubber bands and any tools, and swiftly craft your training chopsticks. Impress your friends and family with your newfound chopstick skills.

Materials Needed

To make training chopsticks without rubber bands, you’ll need the following materials.

Chopsticks: Restaurant chopsticks or disposable chopsticks.
Paper: A sheet of tissue paper or paper napkin.

That’s all you need to make your DIY training chopsticks. With just a few minutes of preparation, you can practice using chopsticks without the need for rubber bands. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Prepare your chopsticks.


Look for clean restaurant chopsticks or disposable chopsticks in the kitchen. Make sure to remove them from any packaging or packaging material. If disposable chopsticks are connected, gently separate them. To ensure a smooth and splinter-free experience, rub the chopsticks against each other to remove any rough edges or splinters.

Taking the time to properly prepare your chopsticks not only makes them more comfortable to use but also ensures a safer, healthier, and more enjoyable dining experience while practicing with your homemade training chopsticks.

Step 2: Place chopsticks


Now that you have your chopsticks ready, pick up the prepared paper napkin and unfold it fully. Place it flat on a clean, flat surface.

Next, place the chopsticks on the napkin and maintain a straight line with both chopsticks. Maintain a small gap between the middle of the two chopsticks.

Step 3: Secure the chopsticks with a napkin

Wrap two 316 stainless steel chopsticks with a napkin

With the chopsticks placed, it’s time to wrap them up. Roll up the napkin around the chopsticks, wrapping them securely. You’re almost there—keep going!

Once wrapped, the napkin is secured around the chopsticks, and your training chopsticks are complete. Fold the gap in the middle of the napkin to create your makeshift chopsticks.

You’re now ready to move on and start using your homemade training chopsticks to pick up food.

Step 4: Adjust the Holding Angle of the Training Chopsticks.


Now that you have your DIY makeshift training chopsticks, everyone’s hand size and grip preference may vary. Adjust the angle at which you hold the chopsticks for the best comfort and usability.

To adjust the training chopsticks, simply assist with your left hand if you’re adjusting the angle with your right hand (or vice versa if you’re a left-handed chopstick user) until it feels comfortable.

Remember, the goal is to achieve a stable and secure grip for easy manipulation of the chopsticks. Take some time to find the perfect angle that suits your needs.

Once you’ve correctly adjusted the training chopsticks, you’ll be ready to practice and enjoy Asian cuisine with your newfound skill!

Step 5: Practice Using the Training Chopsticks


Now that you have your homemade training chopsticks ready, it’s time to start practicing! Remember, using chopsticks requires precision and skill.

Start by gripping the top chopstick as you would hold a pencil. Place your thumb on both chopsticks, then position the bottom chopstick below your thumb and above your middle finger.

Begin by picking up larger pieces of food, like sushi, and gradually progress to smaller, more challenging items like edamame. You can also seek guidance from your Asian friends nearby. Take it slow and be patient with yourself. It might take a few attempts to master the technique, but with practice, you’ll soon be proficient at using chopsticks just like an Asian person!


Now you have a simple and creative way to make training chopsticks without the need for rubber bands. All you need is a piece of paper and some practice to master the art of using chopsticks. Say goodbye to clumsiness!

Remember, the key to using chopsticks is finding the right grip and practicing patiently. Begin with larger food items and gradually transition to smaller ones. With a commitment to practice, you’ll leave a lasting impression on your friends and family with your newfound chopstick skills.

So, pick up your DIY training chopsticks without rubber bands and prepare for a culinary adventure!

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