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Who am I?

Welcome to my world of TrainingChopsticks! I’m Brandon J. Nelson, a typical American living in Ohio. I discovered something that got my heart racing: Asian food is delicious! But I encountered a small problem. I can’t use chopsticks! I decided to learn how to use chopsticks and share my knowledge on how to master the skills of using chopsticks and taste Asian food by training chopsticks.

Brandon J. Nelson

Why I Create This Blog?

One sunny weekend, my wife made a mouthwatering bowl of Lanzhou noodles. But here’s the thing – I had a little problem. I couldn’t use chopsticks!

Yep, I admit it. Growing up in America, I’ve always been accustomed to using a knife and fork. So when I attempted to enjoy that delicious bowl of Lanzhou noodles with Asian chopsticks, it turned into a disaster. The chopsticks just wouldn’t cooperate, food went flying everywhere, and I felt like a clumsy gorilla. But I made up my mind. I wasn’t going to let chopsticks stand in the way of me enjoying Asian cuisine!

That’s when TrainingChopsticks was born! It’s a blog created to help fellow Americans like me, who love Asian food but struggle with chopsticks. I know I’m not the only one facing this challenge, so I decided to share my chopstick training journey with everyone.

On the TrainingChopsticks blog, I’ll be sharing various methods and techniques I’ve found, step by step, to help you master the art of using chopsticks. It’s not just about the basic grip, but also about how to elegantly pick up different types of food, handle various shapes and textures, and even choose and care for your chopsticks.

I understand that many Americans might find chopsticks to be a daunting skill to learn. But I believe that with the right guidance and practice, anyone can master it.

The goal of TrainingChopsticks is to help you overcome this challenge so that we can all confidently enjoy the deliciousness of Asian cuisine!

But most importantly, TrainingChopsticks is a fun and interactive community. I encourage you to leave comments on the blog, sharing your own chopstick experiences and questions. Together, we’ll learn and grow. I truly believe that with mutual support and encouragement, every one of us can become a true master of chopsticks!

So, if you’re also an Asian food lover who struggles with chopsticks, join our TrainingChopsticks community! Let’s master the art of chopsticks together and enjoy the deliciousness of Asian cuisine. Remember, chopsticks are no longer an obstacle, but the key to savoring Asian food!

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